Tedpole - Escape from the Black Lagoon



 - Jump
ASD  - Move
LMB Mouse - Tongue Grapple.
Tap LMB Mouse - Cancel Tongue Grapple.

Controller :

Up Direction  Arrow - Jump
Left Stick - Move
Fire1 - Tongue-Grapple.
Tap Fire1 - Cancel Tongue-Grapple.

 Don't forget to tongue-grapple near walls and ceilings!

Tedpole: Escape From the Black Lagoon

Sees our hero return to the world of Laguna City, familiar to no one from the first two Tedpole games, which don't exist!
This time, Tedpole's fallen into some other Laguna City. This place has nasties all over. Better get home before sundown.
Help Ted run, jump, and tongue-grapple his way past the bad guys, through these weird Eldritch portals and back to his own Laguna City before the sky goes dark!

This game was made with the browser in mind, though there is a Windows build.



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